18 April 2014

Collection Cosmetics

All Products c/o Collection Cosmetics

Collection Cosmetics, who you may formerly know as 'Collection 2000', kindly sent me some of their new products to trial, which I am excited to share with you today. If I am being honest, I think the last time I wore 'Collection 2000' was in my teens, so I am please to see that the brand have evolved not only to still capture the interest of the younger market, with their wide range of playful colours, but also to have'grown up' with their customers and almost sophisticate the brand with an overhaul of both the name - to omit the 2000 to just 'Collection' - as well as their product offerings and overall feel.

Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit
Collection Work The Eyebrow Kit Collection Eyebrow Powder Review

At just £3.99, if you have been looking for a way to achieve beautiful or bushy Cara Delevingne eyebrows, then the Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit is a must for you! Having naturally fair hair, my eyebrows and eyelashed are practically white! So with the help of actually dying my eyebrows on a monthly basis - especially now my hair is a darker dirty blonde - I find this kit a refreshing way to fill in my eyebrows, as they are also actually quite sparse. I prefer that this nifty kit comes with eyebrow gel, similar to clear mascara, to hold you desired shape in place rather than wax, as I find that using wax and then putting powder on top really doesn't work for me! Do you have a favourite way to fill your brows in?

Lasting Perfection Concealer
Collection Lasting Concealer

Available in four colours from 'fair' to 'dark' the Lasting Perfection Concealer comes with a stick applicator that is not too dissimilar of a lipgloss wand, which glides on perfectly under your eye cirlces and does basically what is says on the tin: lasts all day. If you like to contour with concealers you could get yourself a mix of colours to highlight and define certain areas of your face. So, when they cost less than a fiver each, you can build up your concealer collection, no problem!

DeLuxe Lipsticks
Collection Deluxe Lipsticks Collection Lipstick Review Deluxe Lipsticks from Collection 2000
Silent Movie - Charleston - SpeakEasy

Three of my favourite lip colours just happened to luckily be in my package from Collection Cosmetics and three colours that I think every girl should have in their lipstick collection. A red with 'Silent Movie', a nude with 'Charleston' and a baby pink with 'SpeakEasy', all three colours which I have enjoyed testing out. For a considerably 'cheap' lipstick at £3.99, compared to £15 each for my beloved MAC collection, the colour really does a good job of lasting and there is not a horrible taste on your lips, which you can sometimes get for budget lipsticks, so all in all I have been overly impressed with each product from Collection Cosmetics, which does to show that you don't have to pay top dollar to look and feel like a million bucks!

Have you tried the new releases from Collection Cosmetics or does it make you feel nostalgic and take you back to your high-school years, like it does for me?

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16 April 2014


In Love With Fashion Gingham Sleeveless CoatNext Black Slip on Mules on Lurch Hound LovesLace TrimShorts and Mule Heels - Street StyleFashion Blogger wearing Adidas T-shirt street style Mules - *Next | Blazer - *InLoveWithFashion | Top - Adidas | Shorts - *USC

Mules, Mules, Mules: Well, what can I say except for, I love them! Although they may have evolved from a vulgar fluffy heeled slipper, Mules have captured my heart for this season and I am not the only one. Currently popular on the blogger circuit are Zara's mule offerings, but being a tall girl and not being accustomed to walking around in heels all day, this comfortable and chic pair from Next definitely get the thumbs up from me and at only £34 are probably half the price of their Zara counterparts.

Styled with a pair of pretty lace lined shorts from Rock and Rags by Firetrap at USC and the gingham delight of a sleeveless jacket from InLoveWithFashion, I went back to my love of sports luxe and finished this look with an Adidas logo tee, which I actually got from the kids section for under £10! Again, my love of monochrome is shining through; don't think there is any getting away from this one unfortunately.

P.S The Company Style Blogger Awards are open for Nominations and I would be DELIGHTED if you enjoy reading Lurch Hound Loves if you could vote for me as 'Best Fashion Blog' here. Thank you! Let me know if you would like a nomination also in my comments below, Good Luck :)

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15 April 2014

Kiehl's Skincare

Kiehls New Range Review SS14 Review on Beauty Blog
All Products c/o Kiehl's Skincare

If you are looking for a premium skin care brand that combines natural ingredients and the latest in skincare science to create truly luxurious products that are beneficial to your skin, then look no further than the beautiful brand Kiehl's. The above are part of the latest releases from Kiehl's this Spring / Summer and can all be found on their website www.kiehls.co.uk and in Selfridges.

Below I will give you a little insight into each of these fab products, as pictured left to right:

1. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - RRP £24 50ml (buy here)

Is light enough to use daily and strong enough to hydrate your skin for 24 hours. This cream is so advanced that it actually absorbs moisture from the air to prevent loss of hydration from the skin. Perfect in both hot and cold weather, I often find some all day moisturisers to be quite heavy and can leave my skin feeling a little greasy, so the Ultra Facial Cream hits the right spot for me.

2. Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate - RRP £49.99 50ml (buy here)

Now that I am in my late twenties I am starting to take my skin care regime more seriously, so if you are worried about wrinkles then this product is for you. Kiehl's powerful strength line reducing concentrate works to reduce the visible signs of ageing, especially around the eyes and mouth and is packed full of pure vitamin C, which is known to help improve wrinkles: point proven!

3. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - RRP £36 30ml (buy here)

This magic elixir is the perfect midnight treat to restore your skin whilst you sleep! Also, with a seductive scent of lavender I also find this product very relaxing and in fact that it helps me nod off, as I often have trouble falling asleep.

4. Kiehl's Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream - RRP £32 14ml (buy here)

New to the Kiehl's product range is this powerful eye cream that not only helps to improve the skin's elasticity around the delicate eye area, but also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which I definitely need after staring at a computer 9-5 at work and then blogging in the evening and weekends: no rest for the wicked!

For more information on the above and more fantastic Kiehl's products don't forget to visit www.kiehls.co.uk

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