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18.12.13 Layering Winter Wools with Lace and Leather

UK Fashion Blog - Over The Knee Boots from Next
F&F Winter Wool Biker Jacket F&F Grey Wool Jacket - Wool Biker Jacket
Zara Lace Panel Skirt and zip knit jumper | LurchHoundLovesGrafea and Caseable iPad Mini Customised case
Grafea Hari Backpack in White on
Zara Lookbook Inspired Winter Wool Oufit & Caseable iPad Cover
I am wearing: Coat - F&F | Boots - Next | Jumper & Skirt - Persunmall | Bag - Grafea | iPad Case - caseable

As we get colder in the run up to Christmas, keeping warm whilst staying fashionable is top on my priority list. So, to achieve the perfect Winter look I think that the right jacket is key, which makes this coat made from wool with a textured over-sized biker fit and detachable faux shearling collar the perfect outerwear companion. And guess what, you can have it for yourself for a mere £40 from F&F here, amazing right?!

Another great steal in this post are my Zara lookalike lace panel woolen skirt and zip-up sides jumper, which can both be found on Persunmall here and here. I think that this combo looks like it has come straight from the Zara lookbook and the combo only costs £24 for both items - £10 for the skirt and £14 for the jumper - meaning you can get the Zara look for probably less than half the price!

Making an appearance in this post is my new custom designed iPad Mini case c/o caseable - if you 'likey' you can find my customisable iPad mini case here. Or, if you are after a new cover for your laptop, phone or digital device then you must visit their site here where you can choose from a number of designs or create your own: Can you spot the 'LurchHoundLoves' branding on the back of mine?

Adding some leather to the wool and lace mix are my trusty over the knee boots and new leather backpack. A few weeks back you may have noticed on Twitter that I did some test shots with Manchester based luxury leather bag brand Grafea - which you can see on their blog here - and afterwards I was extremely lucky enough to be able to chose a backpack in the colour of my choice, so I went for the gorgeous white 'Bianca' bag here. With so many colours and styles I was spoilt for choice.

Below are a few of my other favourites colours from the Grafea range, so if you are after a quality leather bag that not only screams style but substance, why not treat yourself to one of the below by clicking on your favourite?


  1. very pretty, love the backpack :)

  2. Love your skirt, great outfit :)

  3. Love this outfit, the coat is gorgeous and I'm loving these grafea bags! :) great post!

    Have a great Christmas x

  4. I love the skirt!! You look fab. And I love those leather backpacks you've featured at the bottom - so cute! :) I'm now following you on bloglvoin. I've spent ages on your blog nosing at all your posts haha - love it! xx

  5. Nice outfit, love the bag, you look fab! :)
    Thanks for your comment, following you too on bloglovin x

  6. love that rucksack!!! xx

  7. I adore this outfit. F&F do some amazing coats, I bought my winter coat from there this yeat. xx

  8. love everything about this outfit, especially the bag - it's perfect


  9. Gorgeous babe, love that skirt soooo much! x

  10. I am so obsessed with this look! Your bag and your jacket are flawless...
    I am so happy I came across your blog!!

    xoxo, KP
    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  11. wow, I love that coat. The outfit looks perfect together :) xx

  12. Think I may have to invest in one of those backpacks! Love the outfit - especially that coat! And what great Zara lookalike pieces!


  13. Love this outfit and the customisable Ipad case!

  14. Love this - those bags are so great and I love the lace detail!

    Hannah x

  15. Nice outfit! I like that backpack!

  16. beautiful!

  17. Looking lovely


  18. beautiful! i love your persunmall clothes choice, especially the skirt (( :

  19. I will absolutely buy the purple pastel one. SO cute x

  20. Oh my gosh this outfit is so so cute!

  21. love this outfit. the coat is gorgeous for F&F and the Next boots are amazing!


  22. OMG, this is so amazing! Love everything about your outfit! You look really brilliant!

  23. The coat is gorgeous, I love the combination of grey, white and black - very chic.

    Abi x

  24. I love your skirt and bag x

  25. In love with the bag! You look great!

    I found you from your comment on my blog and of course I would love to follow you back! following you now!

  26. This is a gorgeous outfit of the day, the quality of your photos is amazing also!
    All my love,

  27. That bag is beautiful! xx

  28. I'm discovering your blog and I really LOVE it !
    Your outfit is amazing, like your jacket :)


    Julie ♡

  29. I love your boots! i've been trying to find some like that for myself but haven't found the right ones yet. Thank you so much for following my blog, I'm following you back and can't wait to explore your blog more! Seriously great work with the design, and your content. Lets stay in touch! :)

  30. Hiya fellow Next Blogger,
    Loving the grey jacket and white backpack.
    Merry Xmas beau! xx
    Louise Abena Mensah

  31. This is a lovely outfit, especially the coat with the fur collar! Love your blog, would love it if you were to look at my new blog and follow?

    Eliza x