Two tech gadgets every blogger needs

Imagine one of these scenarios.

1. You wake up one morning to find that your blog has been deleted and  that you have lost all of your content and blogging life of hard work and photographs.

2. You are unable to capture that crucial moment from London Fashion Week or upload content online at the right time, as your devices flatline.

The above two scenarios are perhaps some of the worst fears that a blogger or girl online can face. In today’s post I am going to tell you about two magnificent gadgets that have helped me to overcome these fears and are worth considering, if you want to keep your content current and online.

How To Backup Your Blog Content – Photographs, Videos, Music, Files

How do you currently save your blog content? If you only keep copies online via your CMS system (Blogger or WordPress), all it would take is the accidental click of the ‘delete blog’ button to lose all of your hard work and your existence online could be erased in a second. To make sure that you are backing up your blog content, I would recommend uploading your vital photographs, videos and files to a cloud system or back up device. 
I was recently kindly sent the SEAGATE 3TB from Currys PC World, which has completely changed the way that I back up my blog content. Previously I was just uploading my images to flickr and the occasional file to Dropbox, mainly leaving video files that I have been waiting to edit – as I have recently been loving creating content for my YouTube Channel, but that is a whole other post in itself – on my desktop or camera card, making my computer either run slow or running the risk of losing the content completely: Stupid, I know. But sometimes you don’t even think about this do you?

SEAGATE 3TB Cloud Storage Blog review

The SEAGATE 3TB is a home media storage that works via the cloud and lets you upload content wirelessly (via an Ethernet connection) from any PC, MAC  or device tablets and smart phones, when connected to the internet. This clever box also includes automatic backup that you can schedule to update as and when you would like. This function is great as it means that should you forget to backup some photo or film files, these will automatically be done for you at the next scheduled update (which you will set).

How to backup your blog content

Having your own home cloud network is great, especially for all of my blog photographs and video files. It also allows ease of access for when you want to view these files and if you have a smart TV available or connected computers, a games console or are using your tablet or smartphone with the free Seagate Media App, you can stream your media to any of these devices whilst at home: how genius is that?! 

How To Get Your Content Online As It Happens

I am sure we have all been there when our camera or phone runs out of battery at that crucial photo opportunity, or when you need to urgently RSVP to an event. Being a blogger, buzzing around social media is a daily job within itself, so one of the best ways to make sure that you get content online as it happens is to have enough phone battery to last you the day. Whether this is for arranging meetings, setting important dates in your calendar, replying to emails, tweeting – you can find me @CharlotteLewis_ – or uploading to Instagram – follow me at @lurchhoundloves #shamelessplug – and any other social platform that you can think of.

Here is the solution: A portable power bank that will charge your smartphone or tablet device on the go.

Powerpack battery charger review for iphone6

I was kindly sent this Olixar 5000mAh powerbank by, which comes with built in cables and attachments. This gadget has already been a godsend, as my iPhone 6 battery is SO bad that it doesn’t even last a full day, even when I hardly touch my phone: come-on Apple, that isn’t very good is it! For under £30 I think that this item is a key investment for anyone on the go and that it would be equally as great for taking on holiday or when travelling (remembering the appropriate travel adapter of course).

So those are the two pieces of tech  that I couldn’t currently live without when it comes to working online. Have you got any gadgets that you couldn’t exist in the blogging world without?

*This post contains gifted items, but all views are my own. You can read my full disclaimer here.

  • such a great post, both the home media storage and the portable battery sound like great gadget-related things to have as a blogger!

    Rachel // Style Soup

  • Woah, that Seagate gadget sounds awesome!

    Tara x

  • Amazing idea! I reaaaalllyy need a backup charger for events and long days! x

  • Woahhhh I need to be investing! Could you imagine if your blog randomly got deleted, I just can't even!! xx

  • What a great post, I need to do this! I think I would freak out if my blog got deleted!!


  • Thanks Rachel 🙂 I am super excited about not having a slow running laptop anymore, and what is even better is that you can access them all via Wifi! xx

  • It really is helping with my computer speed or losing files…doh! xx

  • Same – my iPhone battery is SO rubbish! xx

  • Oh god, it would be one of those horror moments like – did that really happen?! xx

  • Thank you lovely – I know, can you imagine?! eeeeek! xx

  • A good idea. I will follow you~ Well done