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Unfortuntaly, some people seem to think that when a woman wears over the knee boots in the day. That it is acceptable to wolf whistle or make demeaning comments whilst passing in the street. Which is something that highly frustrates me.

Why should I be put off from wearing a pair of boots that I love, just because some chauvinist might walk past me on the street either jeering or glancing with a look of distaste and speculation.

In short. I say: F*** It!

If you like wearing over the knee boots, then wear them with pride! Previously I wouldn’t venture out in the day wearing a pair myself, due to waving confidence issues. But, taking a new approach in 2016 of not giving a damn what other people think. I am wearing my pair in the day, loud and proud and you should too!

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STyling over the knee bootshow to wear over the knee boots and a khaki army jacket

BootsBag c/o Shoeaholics | Skirt – New Look | Tee & Unif Coat c/o Spoiled Brat

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Shop My Top Over The Knee Boot Picks From Shoeaholics

over the knee boots street style on fashion blogBest across body fashionable bags - Kurt Geiger London CharlieFashion blogger styling carvela and kurt geiger london from shoeaholics - street style inspiration knee boots

When I was challenged by Shoeaholics (Kurt Geiger’s outlet website) to style a pair of shoes from their website, for both day and night-time. Apart from being thrilled to take part, as I am already an avid browser of their collection of amazing Kurt Geiger brands and some designers too, at discount prices. I knew instantly which pair I wanted to add to my over the knee boot collection: this gorgeous and practical ‘Way’ block heel pair.

I was also asked to choose a bag from their collection. This Proenza Schouler lookalike bag is not only edgy, cool and current. But is also aptly named ‘Charlie’, so I just new I had to have it – you can shop it here.

For day wear I would have across my body (my favourite type of bag) to show off the gold hardware details. Or casually slung over my shoulder to carry my essentials around for the day. Isn’t it lovely?

But without further ado – here are my top styling tips for Over The Knee Boots!

Tips For Wearing Over The Knee Boots In the Day

1 Pair you over the knee boots with a matching skirt to elongate your legs. As I have done with my suede popper skirt here. (This is now £14 on sale ladies!)

2 Wear with a statement tee for a casual / fun / bad-ass vibe. Like my Valfre ‘Fries Before Guys’ tee.

3 Add an element of over-sized to your outfit, with a knit or jacket, like my military green UNIF jacket.

4 Keep it casual. Especially to avoid the above mentioned speculations from ignorant members of the public.

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for part two and my evening look with Shoeaholics coming very soon! And as always, I have listed my favourite items below for you to re-create this look.

  • Anonymous

    Those boots have the perfect heel!

    Petite Side of Style

  • These boots are gorgeous! Love the way you’ve styled them for daytime wear x


      Thanks Remi 🙂 I am in love with OTK boots atm – I need to find a good flat pair! xx

  • Yaaaaaas you’re absolutely babin’. Agree with you 100% as well – fuck it and wear what you want my lovely. I find just having being a woman walking on the street is often enough to illicit creepy cat calls or whistles from cars, so unfortunately there are sexists twats everywhere. Looking beaut as always xxx


      Thanks Stunna! And it is so true – I am never shocked at how many men are actual pigs. I bet they wouldn’t like it id some lad was doing it to their mrs! xx (rant over) lol

  • yes girl, love this post! I always get so self conscious about wearing my thigh high boots but at the end of the day, who cares what other people think? they make me feel sassy and if someone doesn’t like it then that’s their issue!! xx


      Oh Yay! Exactly, just say ‘F**k It!@. I am trying to do that with all parts of my life this year and not dote on or care what people I don’t know think of me just from my image. Love your latest article too mrs xx

  • Cool looks. I like the way those over the knee boots look. they are really cool. I have these high boots and with them everyday I look stylish

  • Your boots are so lovely, I’m so glad you are wearing them in the day now so I can read about them haha! I’m looking for a pair just like that and they look lovely on you 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  • I’m so with you, I loved the over the knee boot trend and back when it was winter in Melbourne I really wanted to buy a pair but didn’t want the connotations that came with it. I’m on board with your 2016 philosophy though, just wear them and who cares what anyone else things. It’s only a pair of shoes, after all.

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  • I have been thinking of taking the plunge and buying my first over-the-knee boots recently, but I have been worried about getting any wear out of them due to the reason you mentioned, this post has definitely filled me with confidence to just go for it though!! I have too many cute minis that have been neglected over winter and I am ready to let em loose again haha

    • I say go for it hun, and it will definitely help you to get more use out of your skirts 🙂 I just need to find the perfect flat pair now xx

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