Blogging Predictions & A Change of Direction For 2018

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I know it seems a little bit early for a New Years resolutions post. Lets think of this as a musing of my goals and thoughts on blogging for 2018 instead. There are some changes already happening to Lurchhoundloves – hello new snazzy blog design from Kotryna Bass – and some other changes soon on their way. Starting with today’s post actually, as some updates have already begun and are set to stay. Let’s delve a little deeper and see what’s on the way…

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Rosefield watch on style blog


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Before I get into what is in store for the future of my blog, I wanted to quickly touch on my blogging predictions for 2018. It seems that blogging has been left behind in 2017 and blogs have declined in popularity, whilst Instagram and YouTube activity has soared.

I for one love being able to create different content on my YouTube channel for you to watch, especially since I just need myself and a tripod and no help behind the camera. But as social media algorithms continue to affect organic reach – yes you Instagram – I think creatives will rediscover their love for blogging in 2018.

Creative Frustration With Blogging

I feel like I have lost myself in the blogosphere the past six months or so. From content I create for my Instagram – @charlottebuttrick – to what I type in a new blog post draft. I feel unsatisfied and creatively frustrated. There are so many things I want to be able create but with working full time I am limited with what I can shoot and edit. Which means I can’t quite capture what I want to portray or put out there.

This is a challenge I want to tackle head on and in preparation for doing so I have been going back to basics and reading up on how to style a brand, create a million dollar blog and capture my style in order to inspire and re-ignite my creative spark. Which brings me on to a few changes you will see on

parisian inspired outfits

over the knee thigh high boots from River Island

What’s In Store For Lurchhoundloves in 2018?

If you have managed to get this far down today’s post then you will be the first to hear about the upcoming changes in store for Lurchhoundloves in 2018 and beyond. You may have already spotted one of them in the photos, but below I have some headed paragraphs to break it down for y’all…

Brody is making a comeback!

He never went away (of course) but as the inspiration behind my blog name – he is a Lurcher crossed with a Wolfhound incase you wondered – I want him to make more of an appearance in my outfit posts and across social media. So expect to see us out and about shooting in various locations in and around Macclesfield/Cheshire.

Perfecting My Angles

Over the next 12 months I will be trying to achieve more editorial style shots, if James and I can manage it! I love reading Vogue and I am forever finding creative inspiration that I would like to incorporate into my imagery. I just need to up my confidence levels in front of the camera and in the words of Erica Jayne to “give zero f**ks”. I also want to keep my editing style more consistent across all channels. I like this grain effect on my photos and will be using the same edits on my blog as my Instagram. Plus I won’t be editing out any spots or smoothing my skin either as I want my imagery to be more ‘real’ and not Photoshopped. Not that it ever has been TBH ,but I have been guilty of Facetuning an Instagram image every now and then.

Less Trends, More Classic Looks

I won’t be adopting all of the new trends in 2018 I am afraid. I have finally found my comfort zone in smart/casual dressing and as I am particularly obsessed with Parisian chic street style at the moment, I am sure you will be seeing more Parisian inspired outfits (like todays) coming your way on Lurchhoundloves for 2018. Speaking of outfits, for anyone after some thigh high boots that stay up, these River Island boots are right on the money BTW!

bloggers and their pets Brody from Lurchhoundloves

how to style over the knee boots

blonde long haired lurcher

Turning thoughts into words

I have missed writing. I am definitely not the best at it but I feel as if I have not injected my personality or styling processes into by blog posts over the past few months. This fabulous post by Chloe Plumstead gave me the kick I desperately felt I needed. So expect some lengthier posts that have a bit more thought behind them and a few hours sat with writers block at my laptop, as I try to put my thoughts into words lol.

My Posting Schedule

Over the past few months I have found my flow with posting on the below days of the week. Of course, if there is additional content you can expect to see a few more posts, but the below days of the week will remain guaranteed each week (unless otherwise stated on my Twitter @CharlotteLewis_)

BLOG POSTS – Every Wednesday

NEW VIDEOS – Every Sunday on my YouTube channel –

INSTAGRAM POSTS – At least once a day five times a week –

Your Questions & Suggestions

The last change is that I would like to create more content that you would like to see! For this reason I have set up a new ‘Questions & Suggestions’ page here  where you can contact me with any style, life or Lurcher related questions you want answering privately, or topics you would like to see covered in future blog posts. You can also access this page from my menu bar under ‘Suggestions?’ too.  So ask away!

Beret street style inspiration on style blog

how to dress parisian

I hope you are as equally excited about what’s in store for Lurchhoundloves in 2018 as I am. Make sure that you are following my social channels for real time updates and don’t forget to ask me anything over on my new questions and suggestions page. Before I sign off, I can’t forget about adding in my outfit details can I!


I’m also going to go back to the good old list format at the end of posts for what I am wearing 🙂

Blazer c/o Chicwish

Skirt (Old) Mint Velvet – Similar Here

Over The Knee Boots c/o River Island – Available in more sizes here

Shirt c/o LaaGam – Similar Here & Here

Balenciaga Mini City Bag – Here & Here

BeretTopshopWatch c/o Rosefield Watches

Bandana on handbag – ASOS

Earrings c/o Next



6 responses to “Blogging Predictions & A Change of Direction For 2018”

  1. Camilla Ackley says:

    I really love this post – super intrigued by those books you said you’d been reading, and the boots are bloody gorgeous. Also, your doggo is a BABE.


    • Thanks Babe! I have been getting into reading so much at the moment and it sounds silly. But sometimes reading sometime blatantly obvious actually helps lol x

  2. Jorge Marfil says:

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  4. Steal4 Style says:

    I’m so happy about your new directions!! I’m looking forward to watching your new content. Have a nice week!!

  5. Lauren says:

    Looking forward to your new blog style next year. I’m the same and had fallen away from
    Blogging this year but insta etc is getting to me too with its algorithm so I’m getting back to the blog next year

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