The LBJD & Why You Need One In Your Wardrobe

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2018: The Year of The LBJD

We all own a faithful LBD – “Little Black Dress” – in the back of our wardrobe that we turn to in times of need for a special event, nights out and feeling sexy. But have you got an LBJD in your wardrobe for day to day wear?

You probably guessed it already but the LBJD is the “Little Black Jumper Dress” that you need in your life for 2018. Whether you prefer a more classic style, like the knitted wrap dress I am wearing or an urban hooded jumper dress (mine are both from TOBI) you can go as casual or smart as you care to.

In today’s post I am styling up two LBJDs to showcase that from the office to the weekend an LBJD is your best friend for feeling sexy and confident all year round (except when it is sweltering hot of course, which rarely happens in England does it!).

If you missed my last blog post on dressing up your confidence, you can read it here. The LBJD is the perfect example of how an item of clothing can make you feel confident, whether it is loose, tight, casual or smart! I feel just as sexy in the loose hooded sweater dress as I do in the tight fitted knitted LBJD, if not even more!

So when you are next shopping online and pondering what items are missing from your collection of clothes. Make sure an LBJD is next on the top of your wardrobe wish list.

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How to wear a hooded LBJD dress - Little Black Jumper Dress


Hoodie Dress c/o TOBI

Blazer c/o TOBI

Boots c/o Duo Boots

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Topshop Beret

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Wrap Dress c/o TOBI

Coat c/o Next

Boots c/o Duo Boots

Givenchy Antigona

Topshop Beret

Fashion bloggers and their pets Charlotte Buttrick and Lurcher Brody


As always, thanks for reading! I will see you next Wednesday for a new post!

One response to “The LBJD & Why You Need One In Your Wardrobe”

  1. Eloise says:

    Wow you look awesome! I don’t have a lbjd, infact I don’t have any form of jumper dress – but you’re making me want to go out and get one! xx

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