Is it OK to wear Navy Blue and Black Together?

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Of Course It Is!

To be honest I don’t know where the fashion faux pas of wearing navy and black together originated. But if there is a style rule on whether navy blue and black can be worn together I think it should be broken!

To demonstrate that it is more than OK to wear navy blue and black together I am styling up these sassy and affordable navy ankle boots from Ego, which are now down to £19.99! In today’s post I will also be sharing the hottest navy ankle boots to buy on the high street, with a couple of  designer worthy blue footwear investments thrown in there for good measure.

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Navy satin ankle boots with kitten heel and pointed toe from Ego Footwear

Navy Blue Ankle Boots

I will forever love monochrome outfits but sometimes I want to add a pop of colour without going too crazy. Queue my new satin navy ankle boots from Ego, which I am obsessed with! When I was browsing the site I couldn’t decide between this pair or the burgundy and even James commented:

Don’t get the navy boots, you won’t be able to wear them with black.

Which immediately led to me questioning his statement with: ‘Why the hell not?‘ It also pushed me to pick the navy ankle boots to prove a point that he was wrong TBH – I have a thing about being right and having the last word lol. So hopefully my outfit styling in todays post will prove James and the navy blue and black haters wrong? Otherwise I may have to eat my baker boy hat!

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Where can I buy navy blue ankle boots?

If my navy ankle boots have given you the bug for adding some blue shoes to your wardrobe I have scoured the high street to find the below blue ankle boots online for you. I have even thrown a couple of higher end styles in the mix for any of you that feel like splurging 🙂

Seen a pair of navy blue boots that you like below? Simply click on the image to be taken direct to the retailers product page!

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UK Fashion Blogger Charlotte Buttrick and her rescued lurcher Brody design

Brody and I battled the wind & rain to try and get some shots together! 

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Boots c/o Ego

Hudson Jeans

Jumper c/o Next

Coat c/o ChiChi

Balenciaga Bag

Topshop Baker Boy Hat




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